: Cal Poly Pomona UCLA Extension Master of Interior Architecture : Taking the mystery out of transferring: What interior design program is best for you?

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The Mt SAC Interior Design program has a very diverse student population. Some of our students are just graduating high school while others are interested in jump starting a second career. I’ve seen one class turn into two classes, two classes turning to a year and by the end of two years the student’s vision has shifted into something very different from where it started. The Cal Poly Pomona UCLA Extension Master of Interior Architecture is an opportunity for Mt SAC students who have already achieved a bachelor’s degree in another field to pursue graduate studies in interior design, and the transition from our program to theirs is seamless. The master’s degree is offered in partnership with UCLA Extension and Cal Poly Pomona’s College of Environmental Design, Department of Architecture. The classes are taught at UCLA Extension facilities in Westwood, Los Angeles.

Master of Interior Architecture: https://youtu.be/U38f78Oxfjg

 Cal Poly Pomona UCLA Extension

Location: Classes are located at the UCLA Extension campus in Westwood, California

Cal Poly Pomona Department: College of Environmental Design

Program Title: Interior Architecture, M.I.A.

UCLA Extension Program Coordinator: Nicholas Sitter, nsitter@unex.ucla.edu (310) 794-3747

UCLA Extension Program Advisor: Suzanne Sheppard, SSheppar@unex.ucla.edu

UCLA Extension Program Director: Jeffrey Daniels

Degree: Master of Interior Architecture (M.I.A.) issued from Cal Poly Pomona

Program Length: 1 1/2 yrs. Certificate, 1 yr. master’s

Mt SAC Transfer Student 1 yr. Certificate, 1 yr. master’s (if you already have a BA)

Website: http://www.artcenter.edu/academics/undergraduate-degrees/environmental-design/overview.html

How is UCLA Extension’s program different than others?

I sat down with Suzanne Sheppard to talk about the qualities and benefits of the UCLA extension program. One of the things that she described was the level of student commitment. The majority of the UCLA population are returning for a second career and most have been very successful in their first career. They come from varying disciplines: business, the arts and fashion are a few. The students are not only more mature in their outlook on life but they also bring the skills from their first career to the table. This brings up the level of class work. The UCLA instructors are all professionals that are working in the field and teach industry standards and expectations.

Are Mt SAC Students transferring well prepared?

As of yet we have had no students transfer to the UCLA program, however, I am very confident that our students will come in well prepared. UCLA Extension has an institutional policy that allows only 25% of a certificate program to be awarded as Advanced Standing. For the Interior Design program, that is the equivalent of 5 classes, meaning that you would still need to take 13 classes in order to earn a certificate prior to starting the Master of Interior Architecture Program. In some rare instances, a prospective MIA student may only be lacking information or skills from one or two classes. In that event, the prospective student would have to take those missing classes from the certificate level program. However, they could not earn a Certificate.

Is there a portfolio required?

Portfolios for the master’s level are not required for students who have completed studios I & II in the foundation level at UCLA. Applicants must provide a statement of purpose explaining your interests, motivations and goals in pursuing a professional degree in interior architecture as well as three standard letters of recommendation. The work you are requesting to transfer from Mt. SAC for the 5 foundation level classes at UCLA will be presented in an informal portfolio for review by the program coordinator in order to assess your level of ability. Any work that is deemed unacceptable or not meeting UCLA’s standard will not be transferred.

If you have taken these classes elsewhere a physical portfolio must be mailed to the campus. It should be bound and not be any larger than 9″ x 12″. It must illustrate your creative ability in graphic form. NEVER send your original work.

What classes transfer?

Most of the Mt SAC classes transfer with the exception of the kitchen and bath studios. Keep in mind – you are only able to use our classes to substitute 5 of their foundation classes. Some of our classes need to double up in order to meet UCLA’s unit requirement. You’ll notice on their schedule that UCLA is on the quarter system and Mt SAC is on a semester system. As we are articulating classes you must do a bit of math in order to satisfy their unit requirements. For example: 1 semester unit = 1.5 quarter units, 2 semester units = 3 quarter units, 3 semester units = 4.5 quarter units, 4 semester units = 6 quarter units. I’ve attached a spread sheet that shows which classes may transfer. This is not a formal articulation and transfer is based of portfolio. Here is a link that shows you their classes and sequence.

UCLA IA Quarterly Curriculum Sequence: http://arcid.uclaextension.edu/quarterly-curriculum-sequence/

What’s the studio environment like?

The studio spaces are relatively corporate, the wall structure is exposed and left open on the top to allow light to penetrate the space. The classrooms are very similar to the Mt SAC ID Studio. There is a small lab space open to the corridors for students to work in-between classes.

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