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For an introduction to this series of articles please refer to : Taking the mystery out of transferring : What interior design program is best for you?http://iteachid.net/2018/01/23/taking-the-mystery-out-of-transferring-what-interior-design-program-is-best-for-you/

Stepping onto the Woodbury campus is always a very peaceful feeling. It is small, quiet and well integrated into nature. One of my favorite memories is of a deer that visited my materials class multiple times one semester. I taught at Woodbury for several years and am in awe of how the program has grown and changed. I have always found Woodbury to be an excellent transfer option for Mt SAC ID students and my opinion remains steadfast after my most recent visit.

Woodbury University

Location: Burbank, CA

Program Title: Interior Architecture

Department Chair: Christoph Korner christoph.korner@woodbury.edu 818-394-3325

Degree: Bachelor of Fine Arts

Program Length: 4 years. Mt SAC transfer student 2 ½-3 years based on portfolio

Website: https://woodbury.edu/program/school-of-architecture/programs/interior-architecture/

How is Woodbury’s program different than others?

I sat down to speak to Christoph Korner, the program chair, about Woodbury’s Interior Architecture Program. What stood out as a distinguishing factor in this design program is the exploration of process and concept develop in the studio classes. Conceptual thinking and intellectual concepts are the driving force behind the structure of a project. A force like “gravity” is studied, and through a series of conceptual evolutions and manipulations the concept manifests form and physical condition. For example, a student may be asked to create a new material of his or her choosing. The newly developed material acts as the concept and the driving force behind the final design. This concept driven way of teaching pushes students beyond the boundaries of traditional paradigms. It elevates the ideas, forms, and built environment. Traditional classes such as space planning and lighting design are technical skill based classes that support the studios and integrate problem solving in a more traditional way.

Woodbury provides their Sr. Level students the ability to customize their final thesis projects. If a student has a particular interest or specialty, their project can be devoted strictly to what they would like to focus on. For example, if during your time at Woodbury you discover that furniture design is your passion, your senior thesis project could be a furniture piece or series of related pieces.

 Are Mt SAC Students transferring well prepared?

YES! Several Mt SAC students have transferred to Woodbury and are currently in the 4 year Interior Architecture program. Christoph has had wonderful things to say about our program and our students who have transferred. They are coming in well prepared and eager to continue their educational careers. Students’ expectations of transferring, however, are often too high. Most hope they will enter directly into their 3rd year, but there is an additional studio class required that Mt SAC ID cannot provide and only Woodbury can offer.

I often advise students (even if they are not happy about it): It’s a good thing to take a few lower division classes before jumping in full throttle. Why? It helps you get acclimated to a new culture, a new way of thinking and a new campus. In addition you will not be bogged down with classes in your final year. You will be able to focus primarily on your senior studio and what lies ahead.

Interior Architecture Senior Yumin Zeng (Mt SAC transfer student) was selected as one of fourteen recipients of the Angelo Donghia Foundation 2015 Senior Student Scholarship.

Is there a portfolio required?

Yes! You are required to submit a portfolio of all the classes you wish to transfer conveying the range of work completed at Mt SAC. Projects must be organized and labeled by course, sorted from earliest to most recent course taken. Hand drawing should not be overemphasized, it is not important for determining transfer placements. The process – how you solved a problem and came to your design conclusion – is very important.

Woodbury also has a required portfolio review to enter the third year Interior Architecture program. Portfolios are graded based on a rubric by several faculty members. I was on this committee many years ago and it is not an easy process. Do your best to make your portfolio stand out. Keep it clean, organized and professional. Typically 70% of the students that apply for the 3rd year will pass. Transfer students have a bit more of a difficult time, another good reason to have the additional semester or two at Woodbury under your belt. Thus far all of the Mt SAC students that have applied have been accepted to Woodbury, and all have progressed through portfolio review and on to their 3rd year once they were eligible.

Additional information: https://wu2016.wpengine.com/admissions/undergraduate-admission/how-to-apply/Trends on Campus

 What classes transfer?

Below is a link to Woodbury’s transfer information both Mt SAC ID and the best general education courses to take. I would encourage you to take Mt SAC ID courses even if ART or ARCH courses are listed as acceptable. Our classes better align with both Woodbury’s way of thinking and teaching.


What’s the studio environment like?

Simple, effective… AND OPEN 24 HOURS! There is also access to a wood/metal shop, a materials resource library, a digital fabrication lab, a lighting lab, computing facilities and a render farm.


 Campus Trends

There is a growing amount of interdisciplinary studies at Woodbury which embraces the growing trend of workforce fluidity we see in the current market. Woodbury’s programs are flexible enough that students are crossing boundaries and majoring in two distinct areas. A student in the Interior Architecture program may be minoring in filmmaking. Students are then able to combine these artistic fields or move seamlessly into different freelance careers upon graduation. Woodbury is preparing for this new way of working and creating inner disciplinary majors. Stay tuned.

 Where are students getting hired?

Christoph has found that Woodbury graduates think “bigger picture” and are excellent problem solvers. Once they’re working in the field they seem to move up the ladder and into leadership positions very quickly. Bestor Architecture, BNIM, Callison, RTKL, CannonDesign, Chu + Gooding, Gensler, Gruen Associates, HDR, HED, HKS Architects, HOK, NBBJ, Omgivning, Perkins + Will, Wolcott Architecture Interiors, and ZGF are a few of the places they are being hired.

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