Taking the mystery out of transferring: What interior design program is best for you?

As an interior design student at Mt SAC you’re probably aware of the many options you have once you graduate. Mt SAC’s Interior Design Program (Mt SAC ID) was designed to allow you to transfer successfully to any interior design bachelor’s program, or you may decide to venture out and start your own interior design business.

The trick to life is to remember that “You are always a student, never a master. You have to keep moving forward.” –Conrad Hall. As you have grown in the Mt SAC ID program has your idea of what your future holds shifted? Over the years I have seen many students come in simply wanting to take one or two classes for fun and end up completing the program, transferring successfully to a bachelor’s program, and then going on to a second career in interior design.  Others come in dead set on doing residential projects yet end up loving commercial design. On the other side of the coin there are many Mt SAC ID students who decide not to continue with their education after graduation and have successfully transitioned into their own businesses.

So what does all this look like for you? What are your goals and aspirations? Where do you see yourself in three years? Selecting the right school for you to obtain your bachelor’s or master’s degree is a big step in guiding your future. In this first series of articles we will look at several 4-year universities: Woodbury, California State University, Long Beach, Otis College of Art and Design, Art Center, UCLA Extension, and VDCI, an online program for industry professionals, all of which have vastly different programs.

We will ask the important questions you may be asking yourself. What makes this university different than the others? What is it like to be in this new studio environment? Has Mt SAC ID prepared me well enough to succeed? Is a portfolio required to transfer? Who should I be contacting in the department? Is there a portfolio review once I get there?

My hope is that this will take some of the mystery out of the process and motivate you to keep growing. This information is only a start. Always visit your prospective campuses and talk to the department chairs and advisers before you make any choice on a design school. Go to open houses, tours and reviews if you can. Research each school online and talk to students that attend there. Research and investigation will be your best friend when selecting a transfer school. I found myself so energized and inspired by these visits, that for a brief moment I thought, “I want to go back to school!” Instead I hope to inspire and guide you in your decision. Cool? Let’s go!

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