Hello, my name is Elisabeth Eatman,

I have been an interior designer for over 20 years and have been teaching interior design for over 10. Interior design is my first and only love. I received a Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design from Cal State University Long Beach, and have worked on residential projects, commercial projects, and hospitality projects such as, hotels, retail and restaurants. I have taught at Cal State Long Beach, Woodbury, Santa Monica College, and I am currently a full time faculty member at Mt. San Antonio College. I have been teaching at Mt. SAC for over 10 years and have watched our interior design program grow and mature.

I joke with my students about how I have become the “old” one, the elder. I have taught long enough to hire my former students to teach in our program. I have seen my students grow in design firms to become Senior Designers, and I have been in a room with four generations of teacher-student relationships where I, was the second generation.

As I often say to my students, “to grow and evolve is to be pushed sometimes painfully and out of your comfort zone”. I am taking this opportunity to follow my own advice. This blog will chronicle my year-long sabbatical. I will be returning to school in an unfamiliar format, brushing up on and learning new software programs, working in multiple interior design disciplines on design and construction projects, and lastly diving head first into the world of e-commerce.

My goal is to gain greater insight into the new world my students face and the paths they may take as they graduate.

Wish me luck, Lis